The Japan Society of Logopedics and Phoniatrics

The Japan Journal of Logopedics and Phoniatrics
2022 Vol.63 No.2 (April)


A Patient with Aphasia Who Showed Improvement through Use of Rapid Reading Training of Sentences  89  

Shotaro Daimon

Investigation of Linguistic and Non-Linguistic Functions Related to Pragmatic Communication Abilities in Aphasia Patients
-Using Communicative Abilities of Daily Living Japanese Version Short Form and the Western Aphasia Battery Japanese Version as Indicators-  96  

Shinya Fukunaga, Shinsuke Nagami, Shu Harayama, Masahiro Ikeno,
Jitsuro Yano and Hikaru Nakamura

A Case of Untranscribable Jargon Evolving into Conduction Aphasia Occurring after Cardiogenic Cerebral Embolism  103  

Yuka Oishi, Tsutomu Sugai and Toshiaki Tamura

The Effect of Perspective Shifting on Active and Passive Sentence Productions in Children
-Comparisons among Intellectual Disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and Typical Development-  115  

Yuta Takeo and Kiyoshi Otomo

Characteristics of Utterances of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Employing a Story Generation Task
-A Longitudinal Study in Comparison with Typically Developing Children-  123  

Yui Mizoe and Kiyoshi Otomo

Case Reports

A Case Study of a Child Showing Cluttering Symptoms with Reduced Frequency of Disfluency  132  

Shoko Miyamoto, Miyako Tateda, Natsuki Fukazawa and Daichi Iimura

A Communication Method Using an Electrolarynx and an Above Cuff Vocalization Technique for a Tracheostomized Patient  143  

Junji Genda, Koji Sato, Hirokazu Okita and Tetsutaro Yahata