The Japan Society of Logopedics and Phoniatrics

The Japan Journal of Logopedics and Phoniatrics 2020 
vol.61 No.1 (January)


Medical Measures for Motor Speech Disorders (Dysarthria)
-What is Specific to Human Beings?-  1  

Hideto Saigusa

Acute and Chronic Inflammatory Responses to Contrast Agent Aspiration and their Mechanisms in the Rat Lung  11  

Rumi Ueha, Taku Sato, Takao Goto and Takaharu Nito


Development of Japanese Short Sentences Suitable for Cepstrum Analysis
-Verification of Reliability and Validity-  18  

Osamu Shiromoto, Azusa Okuda, Ryusei Miyaji and Chika Abe

Typical Adult Speakers’ Tongue-Palate Contact Patterns for Japanese Alveolar and Post-Alveolar Sounds  31  

Yuri Fujiwara and Ichiro Yamamoto

Investigation of the Transverse Muscle in Production of Vowel /i/ Based on Four-Cube Tongue Model Using Finite Element Method  41  

Sayoko Takano, Hiroki Matsuzaki and Kunitoshi Motoki

Reliability and Validity of Vocal Fatigue Index (VFI) in Japanese Version-Study of Patients with Dysphonia and Healthy Young to Middle-Aged Adults-  50  

Osamu Shiromoto and Miho Suematsu

Application of the Double Deficit Hypothesis to Two Japanese Writing Systems
-Hiragana and Kanji-  61  

Fumie Shibuya and Akira Uno

Case Report

Dysprosody Remaining in a Non-Right-Handed Patient with Apraxia of Speech due to Right Hemisphere Lesion  67  

Shinya Fukunaga, Haruki Tokida, Masashi Shiomi,
Masahiro Ikeno, Shinsuke Nagami and Ken Nakatani