The Japan Society of Logopedics and Phoniatrics

The Japan Journal of Logopedics and Phoniatrics
2017 Vol.58 No.3 (July)



An Investigation of Work Life and Reasonable Accommodation
among Adults Who Stutter  205  

Daichi Iimura

Evaluation of Vocal Function in Patients Using a Voice Prosthesis
after Total Laryngectomy  216  

Kyoko Maeda and Keisuke Masuyama

Analysis of Completed and Dropped-Out Cases of Voice Therapy, by Type of Disorder  223  

Eri Miyata, Makoto Miyamoto and Koichi Tomoda

Understanding by Preschool and School-Age Children
of Emotions Expressed by the Spoken Voice  228  

Mayumi Horie and Fumi Tamai

The Effects of Botulinum Toxin Injection Treatment Administered to Patients with Adductor Spasmodic Dysphonia
-Longitudinal Subjective Vocal Changes-  237  

Fukie Omori, Miyoko Ishige, Takeo Kobayashi, Eiko Hirota and Masaaki Suzuki

Discrepancy between Reading Accuracy and Fluency in Children with Developmental Dyslexia
-The Relationship between Latency of Discrete Kana Characters and Time Duration in Reading of Words/Non-Words-  246  

Hiromi Onishi, Akira Uno and Noriko Haruhara

Effect of Word Orthography on Reading Hiragana and Katakana
-A Functional MRI Study-  253  

Misaki Takayama, Hideo Onishi and Osamu Shiromoto

Case Report

A Case of Werner's Syndrome  260  

Akiko Tani, Tomotaka Kawase and Yasuhiro Tada