The Japan Society of Logopedics and Phoniatrics

The Japan Journal of Logopedics and Phoniatrics
2013 Vol.54 No.4 (October)



Instruction in Acquisition of Sentences with Particles for Hearing-Impaired Infants  239  

Masako Notoya, Hiromi Harada, Kahoru Hashimoto,
Makoto Ito and Tomokazu Yoshizaki

Analysis of Intelligence in Children with Functional Hearing Loss Accompanied
by Inattention Problem  245  

Michiko Ashitani, Tadashi Doi and Koichi Tomoda

Characteristics of Errors in Spontaneous Speech of 2 Japanese Children
with Specific Language Impairment  251  

Aimi Murao and Tomohiko Ito

Case Reports

Voice Therapy for Hormonal Dysphonia  256  

Eri Miyata, Makoto Miyamoto and Koichi Tomoda

Articulation and Phonological Training for an Autistic Student with Severe Mental Retardation
— A Case Report Using Digital Articulation Training Materials —  259  

Tsukuri Mori and Masayuki Kumai

Special Article

The European View on the Physiopathology of Swallowing — Statement —  268  

Oskar Schindler