The Japan Society of Logopedics and Phoniatrics

The Japan Journal of Logopedics and Phoniatrics
2012 Vol.53 No.2 (April)



Treatment of Patients with Dysphagia Due to Cerebral Vascular Accident  115  

Mitsuko Shimizu

Evaluation of Vocal Function Using Two Newly Developed Types of Voice-Map,
and Introduction of a Videoendoscopic Surgery Technique
Using a Newly Designed Surgical Knife  122  

Haruhito Saida

Medical Treatment of Swallowing Disorders at ENT Clinics  129  

Kiminori Sato

Prosthetic Hearing and Higher Brain Function  138  

Yasushi Naito


Appearance of Tense Morphemes and Case Marker "ga" in Japanese Young Children
-Longitudinal Study of Seven Children-  144  

Suzuka Atake and Tomohiko Ito

Comprehension of Spatial Vocabularies and Verbs in the Period of Early Language Acquisition
-A Case Study on a Child with Down Syndrome-  148  

Tadashi Koyama

Treatment of Voice Disorders in Professional Singers  153  

Hideki Naganishi, Yuko Mori, Miwako Kimura, Hideki Nakagawa,
Etsuyo Tamura, Seiji Niimi and Hiroyuki Fukuda

Case Report

A Case of Hormonal Dysphonia
-Thirty-Year Follow-up of an Identical Twin-  158  

Takeo Kobayashi and Miyoko Ishige